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Let's collect some real Blackjack Data and experiment with the Betting Strategy a bit to see how we might come out!    The following spreadsheet is designed to let you put real data from the cards or even from playing the available on-line Blackjack games.  First of all, select the basic unit you would like to bet.  The example uses $100, but you can select any amount $1 or $10 or anything.  Then decide how you would like to Bet Up.  The spreadsheet starts at 50% for first 5 win streaks, then 100% of the basic unit for 6 to 10 win streaks, and then 200% for any streak over 10.  You can select any Up Betting Strategy you like within the structure of the spreadsheet.  That's all of the input you have to worry about.  After you enter your data, you can vary your Betting Strategy and see how it affects the bottom line winning.

Now, you can play with cards and record your results.  Or, you can use one of the available on-line Blackjack games and quickly gather win-loss data and put into the spreadsheet.  Now go to the spreadsheet and check it out.

Instead of actually playing with cards, you can access the following websites to play the game much faster:

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Hit or Stand - Blackjack Game and Trainer


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