A Congressional Manifesto

In 2010 “We The People” must elect public servants who are patriotic Americans who will demonstrate veracity, integrity, and competence when representing us in Washington, D.C.

Party Politics on Capital Hill are infested with “quid pro quo”, dogmatic “mantras”, opaque deals, fiscal insanity, and arrogance.  This cannot stand.

Our Republic needs stronger safeguards that will guarantee us that our legislators are diligently representing our will once elected.  I suggest that U.S. Senators and Congressmen be required to:

1.      Obtain Government Financing for all Elections.  No private or organization funds.


2.      Maintain Allegiance to State Constituents (the voters), Not Party, & Not Party Leaders.

3.      Take an Oath to Abide by Principles in the Declaration, Constitution, & Bill of Rights.

4.      Formulate Programs with Specific Objectives, Scopes, Financials, and Expected Results.


5.      Write Bills in Clear, Concise English for all to Understand (no confusing references)

6.      Certify they have read and understand Each Bill before Voting.  (this is mandatory)

7.      Vote for or against a Bill only on the Merits.   No Earmarks or Add-ons to “Buy Votes”.


8.      Televise all Caucus & Committee Meetings, except for Security or Legal Reasons

9.      Report all Contact with Lobbyists & Special Interest Groups to Constituents Immediately.

10.     Publicize all Travel Plans with a Cost Estimate.   Post Expense Reports immediately.

11.     Be Diligent!  Performance Appraised, Pay/Benefits Administered by new State Agencies.

12.     Limit their Congressional Service to a Maximum of 12 Consecutive Years.

Congress and the Administration are on a fast track toward even bigger government including excessive control and imminent fiscal disaster.   Their liberal /progressive goal is the equality of results, but this leads to “spreading the wealth” and encroaches on our individual freedom.

In 1776, the Founders proclaimed we were endowed with “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.  The Constitution guarantees the equality of opportunity, but not the results.  That means we are free to succeed or fail.   But conservatives believe that liberty will permit “free enterprise” and generosity toward those in need.  And, this leads to the highest possible quality of life for all American citizens.

Therefore, “We The People” must regain control of the Federal government to preserve our liberty before the country is completely ruined.  First, Congress and the White House must be replaced in the elections of 2010 and 2012 with patriots who value the Constitution.  Second, we must find ways whereby all new Federal laws and programs truly represent the will of the people.  Creative development of the ideas above stand a chance to help control Congress in-between elections.