Seeking Veracity                      


The Father of Spin

Glenn Beck is becoming the conscience of America. He is aimed at the truth with his program and the various public gatherings in which he has participated. He is honest, has integrity, must have a great research team behind him, and has many thought provoking, patriotic ideas.

New information came up with his show on 1/13/2011 titled, "The Father Of Spin".  In his presentation, Glenn makes us very aware about the condescending, elitist, know-it-all, chin up and eyes down the nose (kind of like Benito, and I might add Barack) on the "proletariat", attitude of the Progressive Left.

Edward Bernays, "The Father of Spin", is shown here (L to R) from the late 1920s to early '30s, the mid-to-late '40s and in 1990.  Bernays proposed techniques to sway and minipulate the public, and many World leaders adopted his ideas to pursue their various agendas.

Glenn Beck explains this in the following video and gives credit to Bernays for the Progressive Left attitude.


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