Our Freedom

and Excessive Government Control


Seeking Veracity




The three Branches of Government  emanate from the Constitution, but, it's just too big.  I characterized it as  "obese" at the beginning of this section.  Without going into a lot of "gory details", I'll just let you examine the following chart so you can decide for yourself.  Notice the part colored in pink.  Well . . . that's the Executive Branch of Government.  Compared to the Legislative and Judicial Branches, it's real obese and without a doubt "Excessive"!!!  It is run and controlled by the President of the United States, Barack Obama.   So take a look . . . 

Just click on the chart anywhere to read the "fine print".
President Obama is expanding Government to an excessive level.  See This Video!!!
Here's how President Obama is Saving your Tax Dollars by Cutting his Budget.    It's a "Must Video"
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