The Obama Presidency:  "I've Heard Enough"

I’ve tried to keep a tolerant and open mind. I didn’t vote for the man, but after the election was over, he became our President, and I wanted to believe in the “hope” and “change” he promised.  The man, is smart, educated, articulate, and speaks well in the vernacular.  During the campaign, his speeches have been very persuasive.  But he is waging war on our Declaration and Constitution, and that means against “we, the people”.  With his democrat controlled Congress, and the network of White House “Czars”, he is undermining the foundations of this country.  His government is chipping away at our individual liberty, forcing the country into bankruptcy, and does not seem responsible to any of us in between elections.

I’ve been critical of the President and the Congress recently, but the Cambridge Incident has pushed me “over the top”.  The President acknowledged the incident at a news conference and registered concern for racial profiling.  But after admitting he did not know the facts, he accused the Cambridge Police of acting “stupidly”.  This comment inadvertently exposed his true belief that by default, all police officers are guilty of racial discrimination when confronting a minority.

Now let’s put some things together . . .

Barack Obama was a child of a badly split home.  Documents indicate he was born in Hawaii.  His father, a native of Kenya, and his mother, a Caucasian U.S. citizen, married in Hawaii when she was three months pregnant with Barack.  They were enrolled in the University of Hawaii at that time, and both were avowed liberals.  His father was an educated Marxist with an Islamic background, and already had a wife and children in Kenya when he married Barack’s mother.  But soon after he left her and their one-year-old son to pursue graduate studies at Harvard.  Subsequently there was a divorce.  A few years later while in school, Barack’s mother met an Indonesian national and they married.  The couple immigrated to Jakarta, Indonesia, where Barack was put in a Catholic school till age 10.  At that point, his mother sent him back to Hawaii to be raised by his grandparents.  From that time on, Barack’s mother did not see her son for long periods of time.  She died when Barack was 34.  His father, having seen Barack for the last time at age10, subsequently returned to Kenya where he died in an auto accident at age 46.  Upon graduating from high school in Hawaii, Barack was fortunate enough to qualify for and receive Colombia and Harvard educations.  Not sure if this opportunity was due to Affirmative Action or not.

While he didn’t grow up in a U.S. ghetto, or the South, he still seems to have adopted an African American sensitivity.  For 20 years or so, he sat in a black church lead by Reverend Wright who preached hatred for white people and even toward America.  How could Obama not be influenced by this?  He even kicked off his political career in the living room of William Ayers who was an admitted terrorist in the ‘60s.  This plus his activity as a “community organizer” in the poor black communities of Chicago tended to shape his thinking and form his left of center bias.  During his campaign for the Presidency, this was all we knew because his rhetoric was “feel good”, amorphous and all about “hope” and “change”.  The crowds went wild.   They, and we didn’t know that this guy was a far left socialist with connections to black radicals and an agenda to fundamentally change the country.  On top of this, he had little governing experience and has demonstrated naiveté in his first six months in office.  The voters were duped and Obama was elected President.

Now look what we have . . . Obama wants to hurry up and pass all of this socialist legislation now.  By wrecking the economy, ratcheting up the Deficit and National Debt, increasing taxes on the citizens to pay for obese Federal programs, he expects to accomplish his socialization of America before the country wakes up and realizes what has happened.  He is critical of the Constitution, claiming that it is full of only “negative rights” and is a proponent of FDR’s New Bill of Rights.  These are governmental entitlements, not unalienable rights.

He wants to emulate the U.S. military with an integrated civilian security organization, distributed throughout the country.  The purpose would be to monitor and ensure the new, socialist government entitlements.  It reminds me of the Bolshevik approach in 1917.

It’s not surprising that he is unable to convince the American people how massive fiscal action by the Congress will stimulate the economy and how government health care insurance will be an improvement.  He doesn’t understand that small business generates the jobs, not government handout programs.  Achieving his socialist agenda is a priority over fiscal responsibility . . . “the end justifies the means”.  In spite of his ability to communicate, he cannot, or will not adequately explain the details.  I have to conclude he and the Congress do not care if the public really understands the draconian action they are currently taking in Washington D.C.  Wake up America . . . wake up!

The following helps to reveal Barack Obama’s position in the political spectrum:  

All this attests to his ultra liberal, far left mentality.  It now becomes clear that the voters of this country have made a terrible mistake when they thought they were selecting a left of center, but mainstream President.

President Obama is an embarrassment to the citizens of the United States and is not respected abroad because of his apologetic, hat in hand visits.  Bowing to the Saudi King was inexcusable!   But more important, he is in the process of changing our country into something that the founding fathers would have never approved . . . a socialist state!

When the citizens of this country finally wake up, I hope there will be enough time to vote Obama, the democrat leadership, and his lemming Congress out of office.  But, always remember the words in the Declaration, " . . . That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government . . ." 

We must act to protect our individual freedom and defend ourselves against this threat!   Catastrophic change could be imminent!

Fred Arbogast

Arnold, CA

July 30, 2009