Outrageous Medical Expense . . .  and a “Fix”!

Medical care is being given to a 14 million illegal aliens in the United States, mostly at the caregiver’s expense.  And guess what . . . it’s being passed on to us, the taxpayers, through our medical bills and insurance premiums.  Paying illegal aliens’ expenses are absolutely outrageous and must stop.  Just take a look at this testimony of a Florida hospital representative.

It seems to me that an illegal alien’s country of origin should be responsible for the cost if the individual alien cannot pay (before being deported).  Well, the hospital in the video, above, tried to recover their costs from the individual’s country to no avail.  I guess they just said “no”!  So the hospital had to “eat” the money.  It tasted real bad!!

I like to think of how we handle similar situations in a civilized society.  Let’s take lawyers for example.  When you need a lawyer, you must deposit a retainer into their account.  This gives them complete freedom to extract funds, as they feel justified to cover their services.  How about this one . . . When you lease an apartment or house, you usually need to give a security deposit to the landlord.  Should there be any damage at the end of the lease, the landlord, having full control of the funds, just takes money from the deposited sum to cover the cost.  So the payment for services or costly damage is in control of the giver and not the taker.  Being in possession of the funds avoids forceful methods and is protection against irresponsibility or inability.

Now for the Fix . . .  Let’s get back to the hospital’s situation.  If the illegal alien’s country of origin is known, the State Department should simply deduct the hospital and deportation costs from the annual foreign aid sent to that country.  The hospital would be reimbursed, helping to keep costs down for US consumers.

Someone please tell me what is wrong with doing this!

Fred Arbogast

Arnold, CA

July 21, 2009