Sarah Palin: The Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

Sarah Palin will step down as governor of Alaska the end of this month.  This might represent a brilliant maneuver on her part and was totally unexpected by the media and everyone else.  To her credit, she will leave a competent lieutenant governor in charge, ensure that the citizens of Alaska will not pay for a “part-time governor” heavily involved with national politics, and will allow increased attention to her family, at least for a while.

For maximum effect, this announcement was strategically timed for the eve of Independence Day.  It sends a shot across the “democrat, liberal bow”.  It is the Democrats’ worst nightmare that she should begin to focus on the national and international scene, and gain long term traction with the American voting public.  The DNC’s nasty response proves that.  It demonstrates their fear that she has the potential to lead conservative Americans, including all the current grass roots groups in overturning President Obama and his “lemming” Congressional caucus.  Her leadership represents the hope of patriotic Americans that we can regain our country from the current socialistic scourge.

Fred Arbogast

Arnold, CA

July 4, 2009