Seeking Veracity



Human Creation

This is a beautiful, well done video with remarkable detail showing how humans are created.  

Some may comment like this . . . "The reproductive process continues to evolve in the whole kingdom of life…animal and vegetable (bacterial and microbial). We cannot cognize the beginning or the end. Yes, life is a miracle but it is reliant on billions of years of trial and error."  

Others take a less scientific, and more spiritual view about how we came to be.  I wonder if both views contain the same basic truths and are both fundamentally correct . . . only the details are inconsistent.  

These vivid images can't help but remind us that life is precious and it's system of reproduction is not meant to be tampered with.  Yet society pressures lead to tampering.  

The mathematician in the video is a technical professional, but is struck by our complexity and wonders how it all happened.  So just look, listen to him . . . and come to your own conclusions.!

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