Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity





So, that’s a lot of rambling but let’s try to distill, condense and summarize the key concepts so far:

·  Truth is that which actually is . . .  undistorted information or knowledge.

·  The truth suffers losses in its transmission to a receiver and therefore always becomes only knowledge – but in varying degrees. – knowledge Deterioration

·  Knowledge of the truth is limited by a finite period of time during which transmission takes place. – knowledge Lag

·  Absolute natural limits and boundaries based on the truth exist but those we recognize     are based totally on our knowledge, which is a “far cry” from the truth.  Therefore our real limits and boundaries are nowhere near as confining as they may seem.

·  Fundamental natural “laws”, or “limits” and “boundaries” exist based on the truth that applies to all of existence including physical perception as well as the realm of the mind.

·  The imagination appears to be less cluttered with knowledge limits and boundaries that the physical world.  It may be that the imagination is the better “laboratory” in which to identify our actual limits based on truth.  Then, these limits and boundaries can be applied to the physical world.


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