Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity



  DREAMS (3/12/81)

Night before last (3/10) about 11:45 PM as I was falling asleep, I dreamed:

"I was across a bar from a woman that was sort-of bending over the bar and looking at me.  She seemed to have an enlarged nose . . . . . sort-of like through a lens that distorted the nose."

Before going to sleep, I had decided to "memorize" as much dream sequence as possible . . . . . that is, if I dreamed at all.  As I consciously tried to record the above events, I woke up!  Again, I started to dose and I dreamed:

"I entered a large room that seemed to be fairly empty and I didn't notice any strong window light.  About 20 to 25 feet away, two women were seated in chairs and facing away from me either toward the corner of the room or some sort of entry to another room or hall.  The woman on the right turned around (to her right) and seemed to stare at me.  As I consciously tried to record the events , I woke up."

I didn't get to sleep probably until 1:00 or 2:00 AM.  I think there was at least one other dream sequence as I was falling asleep but I probably didn't try to again tamper with the process since I was very tired.



Some Observations:

1.      The Dream sequences were not random impulses of conceived informatio . . . . .. but fairly reasonable, clear, believable scenes.  It is hard to say if the dreams were "staged" by an external force or if they were some sort of fragments of information from my own conscious memory or ir they are actually another reality that actually exists.

2.      I was not seen by myself in the dream sequences, but it is quite clear that the women of both dreams saw me.  I was not just an observer, but a participant and my existance in the dream was confirmed by the women.

As I fell asleep and became a dream participant, I did remember to make a conscious effort to remember the sequence, but the act of remembering terminated the dream and the sleep.


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