Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity



  THE END OF PART I (6/27/03)

And that ends the original manuscript portion of this writing.  Some of the key discoveries have been:

        Truth is that which is and pure

        Knowledge is truth that has been degraded to various extents

        The Christian model of the soul and Heaven and Hell is inconsistent and very distressing

        The sprit or soul or, as I like to put it, the "operator" has no memory, or at the very best, an inadequate very short term memory

        Death of the human is death of the memory and inability to recognize self . . . just plain death

        Human feelings are analyzed

        The concepts of Fear and Self are primary

        Intelligence has been defined, I think quite well

        But . . . No memory, no intelligence!

        A model of existence is proposed and diagramed

        A definition of wisdom is suggested

        The nature of the "operator" is postulated

        Dreams are briefly discussed and a direct experience analyzed

        A short unrelated piece on time is presented

The next section, "decades" later . . . will reflect on the original concepts and hopefully add new thoughts as they come "flying" through!


Fred Arbogast

Newark, Delaware



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