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Well, the last page is a stab at categorizing our list of feelings.  (Note that "c" stands for complex, and "x" affirms an attribute of a listed feeling)  It is very difficult to do this fundamental versus composite feelings.  I think that, like so many things in nature, all of our complex feelings can be "broken down" into their fundamental components:

11:03 PM 11/29/77

So, an interesting concept that will be discussed is the following:  - 7:05 PM 11/28/77

Note that if the entity achieves migration, then the same entity is, or can be subject to return to its original position under the influence of the same driving force.  It is to be noted also that many things, happenings, in nature are cyclic which is consistent with axiomatic statement II.  Knowledge and concepts qualify as entities!  The discussion of time is inevitable.  A statement linked to I and II is the following: - 12/16/77


Note:  Time is meaningless without a standard . . . . . . . it is not absolute well, so what, neither is length and neither is the mass of one neutron!  After having studied the list of feelings on the previous page, it appears that there are some "common denominators".  Let's postulate the fundamental system and then test it.

There are three fundamental classes of feelings:

        Degree of Security

        Degree of Love

        Degree of Happiness

But wait a minute!  This may not be right.  The system would be:


Now, there are some problems.  I don't like "Safety" as the opposite of Fear.  It might be that Fear has no opposite.  Safety is really a condition . . . . . not a feeling.  Perhaps Security is the opposite feeling.


The opposite of "to hate" would be "to like", but it doesn't seem that Desire is the opposite of Hatred  A feeling of desire must follow the establishment of liking something.  One doesn't desire until he determines that safety (security) or Joy will result.  Perhaps Affection should be the fundamental opposite of Hatred.  Try it again:


Now, "Fear" and "Hatred" seem to be very strong, motivating feelings and are undoubtedly primary.  "Security" and "Affection" are not very strong words.  I'm not yet convinced that "Sorrow" and "Joy" are primary feelings.


One feels joy when a desire is fulfilled and a desire exists because of affection or need.


One feels sorrow on experiencing a loss or a lack of fulfillment and you could say that one does not like to experience loss or lack of fulfillment.  Not to like is a degree of hate.


So perhaps there are only two fundamental classes of feelings.

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