Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity




Some things that come to mind are the following:

        Consciousness  (Need a Definition) 6/30/03

Level 1:  Processing all perceived and conceived information.  "Open", "Wide Angle",

              "Normal . . . Oh my!!!

Level 2:  Controlled processing, BUT focused on conception.  Day Dreaming, Transe,

             Hypnotic (?) State.  Perception can interrupt, but . . .

Level 3:  Dream State during sleep.  No Control over memory access, aware of self,

              But . . .

Level 4:  Thought processes dormant.  Zero thought activity. (sodium pentathol experience). 

              Coma state, aware of nothing!!!

Level 5:            Dead human, separation of the "operator" (soul) from the body!

        Dream State  (Is it Conscious or Not???) 6/30/03

The very best laboratory for future study!!!  And . . . since there is some logic during a dream, who or what directs or choreographs the sequence of the dream while the mind is not operational?

        Connection with Time . . . To both of the Dual States 6/30/03

        Sodium Pentathol Experience 6/30/03

Loss of time when under the anesthetic????  What does it mean?

        Is there some Spiritual Memory???   If so, then what is the architecture or mechanism?  Are there exceptional cases where the spirit has substantial memory?  Review if there is or not 1/10/04

        So we can take the position that there is No Spiritual Memory, BUT still, I think the Operator is subject to, or is connected somehow to it's own FATE?  So what is that for the free spirit?  This implies our spirit is still subject to future events, whatever they may be. This Needs Much Study . . . also, it's pretty scary, right!!! 3/12/77 and 1/10/04

        The nature of stored information Perceived and conceived information is stored as feelings.  This is the language of the spirit.  After all, running, multiplying, seeing and all other things are stored for consumption by the spirit who can only sense them when "translated" into a feeling.

        The Mind Model Needs Building 3/12/77



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