Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity





"THE MIND MODEL" (9/10/04)

1.      The Operator is the identical entity as the Spirit that is incarnate in the human body.

2.      The Spirit or Operator has essentially no memory.  But, perhaps it can develop (wisdom) through its human experience during life.

3.      The free Spirit,  or the incarnate Operator, is unique and as far as we know, can neither be created or destroyed.

4.      The Free Spirit, while unaware of previous human association, is subject to future events.

5.      Human feelings and spiritual emotions are the language of the Operator.

6.      The driving force for incarnation is gaining intelligence with which to search for the truth via communication with the physical world.

7.      The human brain stores all information as feelings.

8.      The memory architecture in the brain is very similar to a Relational Database in a computer.

9.      The brain is equipped with Automatic Interpretation and Orchestration (AIO) processes that function all of the time.

10.  The brain contains Memory Management functionality that enables the Operator to navigate and focus throughout the memory to locate information.  It is not dependent on minute relational ties within the memory itself.

11.  Memory Management can function only during a conscious state.  When asleep, this doesn’t work.

12.  When unconscious, the Operator is left , or ”stuck”, in a region of the memory and cannot navigate at will (the Memory Manager is disabled).

13.  During the unconscious state, the Operator senses only regionally stored information, or that information that may be locally related.  AIO processes are functioning with access to only regionally stored information and this is why dreams can be very strange, but have some logic.

14.  The Operator never sleeps, but may, or may not be in an active memory location during sleep.

Here’s the 2nd try at drawing the Mind Model.  This is based on the 14 attributes listed above.


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