Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity





For the past few weeks and months several thoughts and observations have intermingled with my past writings.  I suppose that this inquisition . . . . . the whole purpose of the writing is to determine the nature of the human spirit.  At this point it seems rather futile, but I will stumble on.

All of physical nature, as far as we can perceive, is indeed beautiful.  Mountains, trees, animal life, water, ice, fire, stars, black space . . . . All very fascinating and beautiful.  But physical nature is also violent, cruel and harsh.  Physical existence answers to the physical laws . . . . “Every time” - - - no exceptions!  Obedience to the laws is a prerequisite to physical existence itself.

A fish is hatched, swims a little, tries to eat but then is eaten by another fish.  So the fish died.  It was killed.  “It” didn’t loose its life because, “it”, its life” and “the fish” (that was eaten), are all exact synonyms for each other.  This assumes, of course, that a fish has no intangible quality!  A fish is (just) a fish . . . . . . A natural machine.

But we could say, “that poor little fish” and feel sorry that it was murdered by the big one . . . . Silly!  In fact the big fish was simply doing what was natural . . . . . . Surviving.  And, this seems to be one of the prime natural laws.

But the fish example is way too simple.

A lioness kills a gazelle . . . . Poor little thing.  You know, one could probably pet a young gazelle in a zoo.  Soft brown eyes, soft fur . . . .What a sweet thing to be literally torn apart alive and eaten by the lioness.  Well, what about the lioness?  If she didn’t make the kill and other kills, lions will starve and die, rotting in an African plain somewhere.  And, that could be construed as a sad event also.  But wait a minute.  The vultures can now live and so they feed and survive because the lioness died.  And, the vultures deposit their solid waste on the ground and a few worms and bugs can live and it goes on and on and on . . . . . !

Nature, physical nature, is based on the “survival of the fittest” . . . . A rather stale phrase but an accurate one.  Every form of physical life tries to live on at any expense.

This need or impulse is integrated into the make up of every living thing and is manifested in various ways in the higher animals and man.

Man, men, people are taught to follow a different path than that required by physical nature.  Things like . . . Don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t mate unless approval is obtained from society, don’t lie, and don’t cheat.  And yet, all of these things are quite permissible and required to survive in physical nature.  Throughout the history of man, we see him attempting to pull away from the natural physical laws.  Well, he never really makes it, and hasn’t yet, even in this highly civilized country.  Murders still happen, free love and sex are slopped all over the TV, news stands and entwined in the high schools.  In general, morals are low.  Infidelity “winks” at every corner.  Christianity claims that it’s the devil.  Well, maybe . . . . . .but, this behavior is not inconsistent with old Mother Nature who is blowing in your ear, whispering “kill, take, eat and multiply”.  After all, “she” is interested in the perpetuation of ”her” domain.

The spirit has done an admirable job of shaping-up the human species, but the journey to perfection has only begun and I doubt that the destination will ever be reached while encumbered with all the bones, blood and flesh “hanging around”.

It is clear, however, that something has distinguished the humans apart from the rest of the animal world.  Whether there was a step change in human behavior or whether it evolved is sort of academic even though it is an interesting side issue.  Humans have a distinctly binary nature that is man is governed by beats resonating from two drums . . . . . . Not one!  He’s a real Jekel and Hyde.  While man spends time administering to the ingenious machine, intangible, but formidable forces, such as, love, and consideration for others also motivate him.  Love and Consideration???  These words are not in Mother Nature’s dictionary!  But I think they are properties of the spirit.  Could it be that “good” is associated with spirit and “evil” is related to physical nature?  It’s interesting then, that what is good for perceivable nature is not necessarily good for the spirit and visa versa. . . . . . . Quite a conflict.  Of course, it is much more complicated than this.  One little paradox is that while the spirit, let’s say has high principles, it has an interest in the survival of the human body.  So then, will the spirit adulterate it’s principles to help the body to survive, thus enabling it to continue its relationship with that particular body?  If survival is a property of the spirit, yes, if not, no.


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