Spirit Quest

Seeking Veracity



  SUMMING IT ALL UP (6/2/79)

It has been a long time an abyss a void.  Many things have happened . . . . . . events . . . . . .distractions.  And, numerous things have been learned.  The attempted model of the 4th quarter 1977 has perhaps not been developed much further.  But many discussions have taken place always testing people, probing, jabbing, trying to excite the dialog so that unrealized truth might show itself.  Ideas have surfaced and some that bear significantly on the "Memory Crisis".

Four important concepts have surfaced  I'm sure that are some others, but for now, let's look at what we have collected.  The concepts are:

1.      Specific Attention to things perceived or conceived.  This is meant to be emphasized . . . . .and opposed to those things that could be concluded, but are not ..  . . . .. for our ability to concentrate or focus on whatever we choose.  The implications are interesting.

2.      The "Memory Crisis" looms as the most important and significant subject of this writing.  I have desperately tried to disprove my own conclusions, but have not found a soul that has dealt the wanted "mortal blow'".  But, someone, gave me a clue.  In that discussion I came to the conclusion that the requirement for pain, anguish and despondency is two fold . . . . . . one must have both knowledge and emotion.

3.      Intelligence is not important or required by the subjective spiritual realm.

4.      All facts or so-called realities ultimately evolve (degenerate) to or actually become purely beliefs.  It simply means that in an absolute sense, there are no such things as facts and one must, at some point start guessing at reasonable conclusions.

I know, these things are not clearly stated . . . . . . .  Let me expand,  . . . . . . how about number 1 above?  Okay?  On page 18, we posed a lot of questions that had to do with dealing with unpleasant memories or knowledge.  Many mechanisms were suggested.  However, without really pursuing it, I mentioned . . . . . . ."or do we divert attention to a more pleasant memory . . . . . . ."  A new science fiction serial has begun on T.V. that includes a computerized robot empire.  The robot is man-like, but metal and electro-mechanical.  The perception equipment, among several systems, includes an "eye" or electro-magnetic wave receiver.  Portrayed as an oscillating light (red), this "eye" moves from right to left continually at a constant frequency and period.  The inventor of this T.V. machine may not have realized it, but he may have been reflecting a basic and fundamental law of the universe.  That would be something like:

"Knowledge received or dwelled upon is specifically limited to the scope and focus of perception and conception"

This means that information may exist and can potentially be perceived or conceived, but if it does not come within the aim or focus of attention, it is not pondered or even realized for a finite period of time.  Putting it another way,  . . . . .look out at your back yard.  What do you see?  Well, its bright, perhaps a field, trees, sky, clouds, a farm house, a fence, grass, kids playing, all kinds of color, motion perhaps because of a breeze.  But the eye quickly "zeros" in on the thing of interest.  Suppose a red-headed wood pecker is chirping.  The eye in combination with the ear finds the tree and starts probing up and down the trunk until the bird is found about half way up the tree.  Well, during this procedure, what happened to the clouds or the kids or the tractor that pulled out from behind the farm house.  Well all of these things went unnoticed!  The reason is because attention was specifically on the wood pecker.  It's strange because all of these other events were perfectly within the ability of the observer to receive . . . . . . but it just didn't happen due to concentrated attention on the bird.  Now, our observer continues.  The red head is amazing "fire engine" red . . . . . . beautiful . . . . . . .the head in its redness is holding the attention.  But because of this, the pulsating tail feathers are not noticed.  Then the observer can clearly see the wood pecker's eye.  And, suddenly he is not even aware of the bird's redness . . . . .

So attention is a matter of degree with a tendency toward concentration . . . . .not dilution!  Of course this is the driving force that makes us pursue what it is that we do not know.  It seems to be contrary to driving forces in physical nature.  I mean that matter tends toward disorder . . . . . . diffusion of perfume . . . . .rapid departure of the island universes . . . . . . .a clean house tends to become cluttered . . . . . . and so on.  This is consistent with the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics and the concept of Entropy.  But again, the undefined realm seems to have different, if not opposite laws.

By selective focus of attention, we can discriminate, or actually and effectively ignore knowledge that is quite readily available.  Well then, since this seems to be governed by the search for knowledge, can it also be dictated by the "unwanted" or rejection of certain information?


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