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  WISDOM DEFINED (11/2/77)

No . . . . . . It still just doesn't make sense that if one is in paradise or bliss, one would have to bare the burden of an unpleasant memory, or the knowledge that a lot of bad recollections have been "swept" into a "back closet" that is normally inaccessible or that a "taboo" sign is posted so that the spirit will "tippie toe" around the black hole!  However, this is precisely what whole human beings do to preserve their sanity and insure their survival.

But if the spirit is fundamentally free from all knowledge, what distinguishes one from another?  Here we have to find out just what the properties of a spirit are.  We have said that wisdom is one property.  Wisdom is defined as:

"Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting", common sense, sagacity, good judgment"

Sagacity is defined as, "keen intelligence or shrewdness"

Common sense is defined as, "native good judgment".

Judgment is defined as, "the mental ability to perceive and distinguish relationships or alternatives to make reasonable decisions, . . . . . . , good sense, wisdom"

Well . . . . . I don't like these definitions very much.

First of all, how can one determine and establish truth without the knowledge of an untruth . . . . . . . nothing to compare to.  If sagacity is keen intelligence then it is quite dependent on a storehouse of knowledge, otherwise sagacity is low or nonexistent.  Common sense is not acquired . . . . . . . but, just there.  And the dictionary's definition of judgment is a bowl of mush.

No!  My definition is better . . .

["Wisdom is the ability to evaluate and apply knowledge"!]

Of course, in order to exercise and thus demonstrate wisdom, knowledge must be accessible!  Just like, in order to perform, a 474 cubic in. engine must have gasoline!

But the accumulation of all this wisdom . . . . . . . . to what end?  Why is wisdom so virtuous and desirable within the framework of spiritual existence?

Just a bunch of unanswerable questions. 



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