The Historia

Seeking Veracity

Historical Excerpts on the 4th & 5th Century  Arbogast  Family Origins



The charts that follow show where in time Arbogast fit with some ot the other historical characters of the 4th and 5th Century.  Itís an interesting picture even though many dates had to be guessed at.

The 21 references listed below are linked to each entry as can be seen in the margin notation.  Over the years I have not found any other significant documents that throw additional light on the doings of Arbogast.  Iíll keep looking!

Just for fun, I added another interesting time line using data from the Bible.  There is no connection between the two epochs, but it is amazing what one can do with numbers.  My my my those people sure had long lives in those days!!!  Go here to see this!

Fred Arbogast

Newark, Delaware

of the 21st Century A.D.


Arbogastís Contemporaries  (Approximate Birth, Power and Death Dates)


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