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Historical Excerpts on the 4th & 5th Century  Arbogast  Family Origins

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Travis Beecroft is a young history student enrolled in the San Francisco State University.  He contacted me on November 17,  2010 and asked if he could use some of my website material for his "Wikipedia Project" in his Late Antiquity course.  The existing entry needed a lot of careful updating.  A month later, Travis let me know that he had finished the paper.  I immediately checked it out on the Wikipedia website and was very much impressed with the completeness, and well-referenced work he had finished.  The file was downloaded after Travis made final touchups and now resides on this website as an important contribution to the story of the Roman General, Arbogast.  Take a look!


Travis was born and raised in the California Bay Area and currently attends San Francisco State University pursuing a degree in history as well as English.  He plans on going to Graduate School to pursue history further and perhaps focus his studies on ancient and Roman history. As an aside he is an avid sports fan, particularly for the Bay Area teams, enjoys all kinds of music, and has a two-year old beagle named Chloe.


The history major has certain field of emphasis requirements and he's chosen an emphasis on Europe before 1500.  Many of the classes he's receiving units for stretch from 2-3 BC all the way to the Renaissance, which generally are the areas he's most interested in.  Unfortunately SF State doesn't  have any history classes dealing with ancient Greece or any of the preclassical powers, other than what is offered in the Classics Department, which mainly focuses on literature. There are some classical archaeology classes that would be interesting to take, so he will probably sign up for one during the fall semester next year.


My brother, Peter, and I feel that the opening scene in the movie, "Gladiator", on the German frontier must really have been how it actually was.  And, the "Maximus" character played by Russell Crowe portrayed a Roman general exactly how we have envisioned Arbogast of the 4th Century.


Another thought . . . I've often wondered about the legend that after Troy was defeated by the Greeks, the surviving Trojans migrated up to the mouth of the Danube on the Black Sea. Then, probably over generations, they followed the river up to the source of the Rhine. And, they subsequently followed down river and became first the Riparian Franks and then crossed over into Roman territory to become the Salian Franks. These were the ones that made a "deal" with the emperor, Julian, to have land if they would supply men for the Roman Army.  Arbogast was probably one of those, perhaps from the Sicambri tribe. It would make for an interesting screen play,

Maybe we can convince Travis to do the writing, eh?


Fred Arbogast

Angels Camp, CA