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1. In most cases, the links are invisible and just to the left of text.  Once you "feel around" a bit, you'll get used to it.   This was done to preserve the text colors in an attempt to make the pages easy to read and understand.
2. The website pages, as well as linked Office Documents, are formatted to be viewed with a monitor set for        1280 x 1024 pixels.   Of course they can be seen at lower resolution but this is not very convenient.  Also, your monitor intensity should be at about 50% for the best viewing.  Otherwise, the colors can be washed out.  If you need to increase page text size, you can easily do this from the browser View button.
3. It's best to view linked Office Documents within your IE browser.  This is done by going to My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, File Types, then Select .XLS, press the Advanced button, make sure that  "Browse in same window" is checked, and hit Okay.   However, you may choose to uncheck it . . . in which case, the Office Application on your computer will open the file, and zoom will be enabled to adjust the file viewing size.
4. The following dialog boxes may appear when clicking on links that lead to Office Documents.  The first time you click, it may take a few seconds for them to load.   And . . . the boxes could be hiding if you are at full screen, so be sure to look behind your window if things just stop.  The little boxes should be waiting for you:

A box like this example may appear and remain, or quickly disappear.  Don't click "Cancel"!  Leave it alone.


A box like this example may appear and remain in front of the first box.  If so, Click "Cancel", but nothing else!   The Office Document will then load within your browser.  If you have configured your browser to read the file within the Office Application on your computer, like Excel or Word, it will appear in that window. 


After studying the Office Document, you may experiment with inputs and make some changes to observe spreadsheet  text and chart output.  This is encouraged.  But when you are finished and wish to go to a previous page (clicking on the browser back arrow), a dialog box like this example may appear.  If so, Click "No", but nothing else.  The box will disappear and you will return to the previous page.

5. You may copy the Office Document for your personal use to your home computer.  The cells are protected except for the inputs, so the functionality will be intact.  To do this, leave the file using the back arrow, or if the dialog box above comes up, again, Click "No", but nothing else.  When back in the browser, Click the File button, then select Save As, now select a folder and a file name, and then click Save.  Now you've got it to evaluate at your leisure.  Have fun and email me if you have comments or questions.


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