Seeking Veracity


Glenn Beck relates the concept of America so that we all can understand where we came from and where we are going.  It's "gut-level" communication, heart-felt and honest.  Conventional politicians have a hard time with this and usually give us a view "from 50,000 feet", which sounds good but is not as fundamental as the way Glenn Beck explains it.  Here is his 2010 Keynote speech on video for the CPAC meeting in Washington D. C.   

(The video may take a few seconds to start)


The Truth about "Restoring Honor - 8/28/2010"

The August 28, 2010 Washington D.C. event was a huge success for Glenn and his followers.  300,000 to 500,000 people lined up from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument and were there simply to listen to the inspiring messages from the many participants.  This video is from the Glenn Beck Program on 8/31/2010 and shows what the critics were saying and what the facts really were.  The Left is disparate, nasty, mean and incorrect.  Pay attention to the comparisons in the first segment and particularly notice what Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz were saying in the second section.  They are despicable, wrong, and miserable representatives of the Left.  Too bad, too bad . . . This was a non-political event but it will lead to the great defeat of the Left, very  soon.

  (The video may take a few seconds to start)