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Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin is helping the grass roots movements including the Tea Party groups that are greatly influencing the November 2010 National Elections.  She is not the Tea Party leader as some have thought, but simply one of "We The People" who are fed up with the Obama Administration and the Pelosi-Reid Democrat controlled United States Congress.  However, who knows what kind of role she might play in 2012?  She even hints that if stronger, imminent Republican influence and control just perpetuates 'business as usual" in Washington D.C., a Third Party could be in the future . . . time will tell.

Now here are a few photos of Sarah Palin as she signed autographs after her speech at the Reno Tea Party Rally on October 18, 2010, kicking-off the bus tour across the nation.  Her Fox News interview video follows:
Now here's the 7 minute video interview of Sarah Palin by Grif Jenkins of Fox News

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